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GDPR consultancy ** GDPR is the new EU directive valid from 25th of May 2018

  • We provide consultancy services and surveillance targeted towards GDPR in your company.
  • How to put your procedures efficiently into a system.
  • Which maintenance tool is required to save and use personal data in your company.
  • We solve small and mojor tasks within this area of expertise.
  • GDPR is the abbreviation from General Data Protection Regulation, which is the new EU directive.

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Continued surveillance

  • This solution guarantees that normal attacks, which can be done through the internet are stopped in your company.
  • We will install a system, which weekly checks for security weaknesses. This system also checks if systems are updated.
  • We are monitoring for weaknesses and improvements that can be done in your company and deliver monthly reports.

Precise attack

  • With Precise Attacks a company achives a higher level of security.
  • We go further than the normal attacks through the internet and work with a hackers mindset, who has targeted your company.

Physical security

  • Physical security and access to equipment will be tested in your company.
  • We ensure that servers, computers and other equipment are well secured against physical attacks in your company.