The EU’s GDPR law applies as of 25th May 2018 and it’s important to take account of the new rules. It is inevitable that companies in other EU countries will struggle to manage personal data within the GDPR area, when it has to be fully applied.

Here are two examples of how a company or organisation should not manage others’ personal data:

#1 British Airways employees requested customers to confirm their address and passport number in a public forum on social media, where the information was publicly accessible. The request was reversed when the error was discovered. Read article

#2 The government’s independent inquiry into sexual abuse has been fined £200,000, because possible victims could be identified. The cause was an email blunder, which was sent to multiple recipients simultaneously in cc. The breach was particularly serious because it involved vulnerable individuals. Read article

With our GDPR service, such requirements would have been easy and quick to handle for an employee, had they received the necessary training about proper GDPR procedures.

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