We design, develop and test apps in close relation to our customers.

Apps that we have developed


The primary purpose of this app is to inform the user of changes, delays and other incidents that have an effect on your daily life.

What is so special about this app is that you will not get spammed with irrelevant information, because it is you, as the end user, who chooses what kind of information you receive based on categories.

The Alarm.fo app can also be used within a company. In this case a manager could send out information to a specific group of employees. He could send to one or many groups simultaneously.


Ættirnar is an app that was created to give the people of the Faroe Islands a tool for learning the faroese names of the many different wind directions. The app includes a compass, coordinates, and shows how far one is above sea level.

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eDiary is an excellent tool for you who want to write down your thoughts and be completely private, but also be able to share with your family, close friends or interest groups.